FCBC Junior

Parents of curious, inventive children: inspire your kids to dream big through our FCBC Junior events.

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FCBC Junior
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Every creator at one point was a child who dreamed big. Through our FCBC Junior events, we inspire the big thinkers and young dreamers of today to be the world-changers of tomorrow.

At FCBC Junior events, kids have the chance to meet creators from their areas to see how they can bring their dreams to life and inspire the inventor within. They’ll have a chance to touch and feel the products for themselves, engaging all of their senses. No matter how big or small, We The People wants to help every creator achieve their path to success.


As creators ourselves, we understand what it’s like to be young and have big ideas. To pay it forward, we want to inspire kids to keep thinking big, and show them that if they put their mind to something, they can achieve their dream.

At our FCBC Junior events, parents and children of all ages are welcome to meet with creators who have successfully created and crowdfunded a
product. Each featured product is on display, allowing children to not just look, but also touch, listen, and feel. And don’t worry: our creators know
going into an event that curious kids will be coming, so don’t be shy to ask them questions!

Visit this page to find a recap of our first FCBC Jr. event.

What kind of products will be featured at FCBC Junior?

It depends on which creators are available that day, but in the past we’ve had leather model dinosaurs, apps, ceramics, and a few others. Best to follow our social media and our FCBC Junior event page to keep updated.

Do I need to sign up to attend FCBC Junior?

Although we prefer advance registration so we know how many people to prepare for, walk-ins are welcome during FCBC Jr.

Can I buy any of the products on display that day?

The products at the event are for display only, but feel free to ask a WTP team member if we have the product in stock and we’ll be happy to help you.

Are kids of all ages really invited?

Yep! FCBC Jr. is usually best for kids aged 6-11, but children of all ages are welcome.

How can I co-host/request to schedule an FCBC Jr. event?

Are you a school official or someone that leads or organizes a group of curious kids? If so, let us know since we’d love to speak to you about future FCBC Junior possibilities!

About FCBC
For Creators By Creators

FCBC is series of events which we started to answer the questions that we had when we first began: from “how do I even use crowdfunding?” to “what do I do after I successfully fund a product?” FCBC brings together the collective knowledge of creators in each region to help the next generation of creators harness the crowd to grow their ideas. By 2020, our goal is to hold an FCBC event in all major metro areas in the United States.

We The People is a collective of creators and supporters whose mission is to help great ideas thrive on the global stage. From “how do I get started” to “how do I sell my company”, we want to share our knowledge and work with you to build your brand. To learn more about our mission for WTP and FCBC, visit our About Us page.